Emory Douglas, legend från Svarta Pantrarna, ger sin bild av förortsrevolten i Sverige


Emory Douglas, före detta kulturminister i Svarta Pantrarna, ger sin analys av situationen i Sverige. Genom Pantrarna i Göteborg skickade han detta videomeddelande till oss. Till förorten. Till hela Sverige.

Läs texten som han tillägnar förortsrörelsen:


 I’ve been trying to keep informed much as possible regarding the recent social unrest in Sweden.
As I become more informed it appears many of the same social concerns that continue to be neglected here in the US appear to be of the same root nature as in Sweden’s under served or not served at all poor communities being psychologically abused by rampant institutionalized racism, and the many other unaddressed quality of life concerns the communities have.
When poor communities are put up against the wall and held hostage for decades by neglect that becomes the smoldering reality which has become the spark which has ignited the rebellions in Sweden. Now the blame game has begun turning friends, allies, associate and comrades against one another playing right into the extremist scheme of things to divide and conquer in the attempt to deflect attention from the primary causes, plenty of problems, and no future for the poor communities.
My heart felt condolences to the wife whose husband was murdered by the police when there call was only a request for help.
That valid request turned into a nightmare and ignited the many decades of frustrations and neglect that imploded into the destruction of community.
It is not friends, allies, associate nor comrades now persecuting each other who are to blame for the Swedish rebellions but the frustration borne from a long train of abuses and neglect from an unjust system which has never shown equal respect for all of it citizens. You must join together to correct injustice, heal the community, and educate the young people to the real power they have because they are the future right now.
- The Struggles Continues,
All Power to the People.
Emory Douglas
former Revolutionary Artist,  Minister of Culture,
Black Panther Party, USA, 1967-1981

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